Final Video Project: 

Machine Learning Commercial 

Elizabeth, Sylvan and I created the above video! The project is a satirical piece on drug commercials and the creative technology industry. During our brain storming process, we discussed the recent prevalence of people using "buzzword technologies" (like machine learning, blockchain, etc) to make their projects seem deep. They use these technologies as this "cure all" for their mediocre ideas without thinking twice about the effects of using these technologies. 

We thought these "cure all" technologies and their overlooked side effects played really well into the format of pharmaceutical commercials. So here is what we came up with!

Our Process:

We started by creating our storyboard. We used various drug commercials to inspire our format, but we predominately relied on the Cymbalta commercial. We thought that the Cymbalta commercial was such a strong symbol for drug commercials so its format would be representative.














We also thought the commercial really captured the aesthetics we wanted to go for. Here is our story board again:

Shot Collection:

After making a few iterations to the story board, we began shooting. We decided to collect shots that resembled those in the Cymbalta commercial but were also moments our "fake user" (an uncreative technologist) would relate to. We complemented these shots of course with shots of our actor (Sylvan) walking outside. These shots are a staple in drug commercials and so we knew we had to include them. The variety of our shots helped us get better at working with the camera. We had to really get the practice of adjusting the settings to adapt for different lighting and subject material. For instance, people's faces need different settings compared to phone and compared to their hands.

Audio and Editing:

Once we had our shots together, we created the script and then began working on the final touches: the edits and sound design. Sylvan created a rough draft of our edits, which we used to decide which other shots to take. Elizabeth and I finalized the script to make sure it was funny but also felt like a commercial. She and I also took a moment to create the logo for our company.


With those elements set, I took the lead on post production editing. I created the final edits sequence, color corrected, and added some effects.













 Meanwhile, Sylvan and Elizabeth worked on our sound design. Elizabeth worked on the voice over narration and Sylvan composed the background piano instrumental.


This project was so much fun to work on. I know that group projects can be painful but Sylvan, Elizabeth, and I did a greta job making sure everyone was heard and had their goals met. My goal was to get stronger at video editing, which I think I did. I had the opportunity to learn how to color correct many of our scenes and bring everything together which was really awesome. I also have never worked on a video project in a group before, so this project helped me develop my collaborative skills a bit more. 



to everyone that is in our video, Gabe, Sylvan, and Elizabeth