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Skin Like Mother Earth's

a piece dedicated to promoting positive brown representation in art

Adobe Illustrator

Self Portrait

a piece discussing the drastic contrast in how we experience ourselves versus how others experience us

Adobe Premiere

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The Good Wife

a piece discussing gender representations in technology and emotional labor. Voice assistant robots are typically designed female and perhaps that is because we association emotional labor (remembering birthdays etc) as women's work

Adobe Photoshop

Had the Time of My Life

a collaborative piece with Josh Guzman (sound editor); watch with looping on for full experience

Adobe After Effects

She is the Sun

a piece dedicated to depicting brown representation and beauty in art

Adobe Illustrator


The human consciousness is infinite, yet we try to limit our thoughts with one dimensional words

Paper collage 

Big Fish Theory

What happens if someone is able to grow past the constraints of their fishbowl (environment)?

Adobe Photoshop


a piece that explores the relationship of interaction and technology

Adobe Photoshop

Self Portrait

A data based self portrait from my smartphone's perspective

Adobe Photoshop