Google Vision is an image detection machine learning algorithm.

for a week, I recorded myself from my laptop. Every hour, a screenshot of the recording was taken of the recording and sent to Google Vision. Google Vision would analyze the image and output key labels it would detect. These labels would be about my expression, general content, and even if there was any content that was considered "adult", "medical", racy", or "spoof".

At every hour, I would also write down exactly what I was doing so I could compare against what Google Vision interpreted that I was doing.

I choose to turn the "labels" (things it detected) into a collage of images, so that you can visualize what Google Vision "saw".


These images are pulled from Google search (the data Google Vision was trained on).


Hover over each collage to discover what I actually was doing in that moment. 

moments in my life through the gaze of Google Vision 

itching a pimple on my chin  11/30 6:20 PM

itching a pimple on my chin  11/30 6:20 PM